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About us

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The history of the Jewish people calculates 5780 years of the creation of the World, and the history of the Jews of our city begins in 1789, when six Jewish families lived there before the occupation of the Turkish fortress of Hadzhibey by Russian forces. At the time of the official founding of Odessa in 1794, already 246 Jews lived there.
In 1798 was created a community and was built a synagogue. The first rabbi of Odessa was I. Rabinovich. And after 200 years opens a one of a kind, the Kosher Bar in the Tchaikovsky lane 12.

But what does Kosher mean? The word "kosher" in Hebrew means "suitable." Today, many non-Jewish people who are not related to the law of Moses have become addicted to the kosher food system. This is
caused not by religious considerations, but by the desire to improve the diet, to make it as acceptable as possible for the human body to adopted . There are kosher restaurants in Ukraine and Odessa, but the Kosher Bar is only one. If this is an attempt to find out what kosher food is, then it should be something like this: it is an environmentally safe food and healthy product, a rational and thoughtful product, or a kosher - to certain norms and rules of Judaism.

Kosher Bar Here you will be offered kosher cocktails and snacks, as well as a huge number of nice emotions. I should say that Jewish laws, described in detail in the Torah - the Books of Moses, since ancient times presented the most stringent requirements for each side of a person’s life, including food products and methods of their preparation.Kosher Bar just as well approached in the preparation of it's exclusive cocktails, which the barman developed, straight from Israel and introduced his own mixology into the traditional kosher bar menu. So our cocktails even the most amateurs drinkers will not be indifferent. We guarantee that all the bar menu and snack menu we offer meets the requirements of kashrut. For example, beer brought directly from Israel. No other Odessa bar will offer you this.All bottles that require kashrut matching have the necessary marks. You can be sure that all alcoholic drinks used in the menu were made without filters, organic brighteners, flavors and preservatives.
The bar rack in our Bar is also unusual, corner , which makes possible not only communication between the barman and guests of the establishment, but also communication of all guests sitting at the Bar.The surprises do not end there, every night in Kosher Bar interactive and board games, Jewish and Israeli music, a company of people who kindred to take flight and culture will brighten up your free time, make pleasant and useful contacts, and also get a lot of positive emotions.

Opening hours are from Sunday to Thursday from five in the evening until midnight. The day off is Friday and Saturday (from Shabbat to midnight).

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Kosherbar Administration

Pierre Gabant